Muscular Arbitration Webinar Series: Trimming the Fat in Arbitration [The Complete Series]

Muscular Arbitration Webinar Series:  Trimming the Fat in Arbitration [The Complete Series]

The Complete Series


This exciting program on tackling time and cost issues in arbitration was held as a one-day, in-person conference in both New York City and Irvine, CA. To accommodate those who also would like to tone their “arbs,” the AAA® has turned the program into a series of six 60-minute webinar sessions which have been recorded.


Here, you can purchase all six for a total price of $250.  If you are intersted in ordering any of the six programs individually as a standalone purchase, please contact  At present, only the complete set of six is available for purchase here through the Bookstore.  


Following your purchase of the series you will receive an email within 48 hours containing the necessary links to each of the following sessions:

Session 1 - Warm Up: Getting Started in Trim Arbitration
Combat issues that can create delay at the start of the arbitration process.

Session 2 - Weight Lifting: Muscular Ethics
Understanding and complying with the special ethical rules that govern arbitrators.

Session 3 - Belt Tightening in the Pre-Hearing Conference
Best practice tips for using the pre-hearing conference to streamline process and keep cases moving ahead.

Session 4 - Does this Discovery Make My Arbitration Look Fat?
Techniques for taming the e-discovery/discovery appetite.

Session 5 - Fat-Free Hearings
Getting the most out of the hours spent at arbitration hearings and preventing delay at every step.


Session 6 - Using Mediation

What arbitrators can and cannot do to encourage settlement; using the AAA Case Manager to arrange for settlement conferences outside but concurrent with the arbitration.

Note: The American Arbitration Association does not currently offer CLE credit for recorded sessions. Individuals should contact their state bar association directly to inquire about credit.

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Price: $250.00