Nancy E.  Watters

Nancy E. Watters, Esq. - Arbitrator
Chestnut Hill, MA

Attorney and Arbitrator, Nancy E. Watters, Esq., 1997-present - Over 30 years experience as a litigator and arbitrator with a focus in business, transactional and commercial litigation. Specializes in breach of commercial contract disputes; licensing and distribution agreements; lease and loan guarantees; breach of employment, non-competition and severance agreement disputes. Also specializes in financial, securities and accounting matters including stock purchase and merger agreements, partnerships and joint ventures, as well as accounting, financial disclosure and shareholder disputes. In addition, specializes in intellectual property matters focusing on licensing, protection of intellectual property, disputes asserting misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of non-disclosure agreements.

ADR education and training experience includes: Faculty, AAA Managing the Arbitration Process for Efficiency & Economy Following the Preliminary Hearing, 2012; AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2012, 2010, 2009; AAA Pro Se: Managing Cases Involving Self-Represented Parties (ACE002), 2008; AAA Arbitration Roadmap: The Standard for Efficient and Cost Effective Arbitration, 2008; AAA Dealing With Delay Tactics in Arbitration (ACE004), 2006; AAA Neutrals Conference, 2005; AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics, 2005; Best Practices for Arbitrating Large Complex Cases, 2005; AAA Arbitrator Ethics and Disclosure (ACE003), 2005.

Education:  Boston University (BA-1974); University of Pennsylvania (JD-1978).




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